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Financial Planning: The ultimate reward is your peace of mind.

Our job is to understand and organize your financial position so that it works the way you intended it to. The world delivers unexpected events and your plan is designed to work during positive and challenging economic circumstances.

By creating a  forward thinking Personal Financial Plan, our clients spend their time planning a future full of opportunity and doing the things that are unique and important to them and their families.

We deem a successful relationship as one where you understand that your future is solid, your planning is thorough. Our strategies are thoughtful, durable and well tested, helping you be confident in your financial future regarding everything from retirement and education planning, cash flow, elder care, tax and estate planning, to insurance management and tax preparation.  Our plans and investment methods are designed to:


  • Be aligned with your priorities

  • Work in all economic environments

  • Meet your cash flow requirement

  • Use efficient tax strategies

  • Match outside sources of income

  • Accommodate your stage in life, preferences and experiences




Investment Management: The art & science of potentially maximizing return & minimizing risk to meet your financial goals

The key to a successful financial strategy is diversification and to allocate your assets based on your personal "time horizon" - the time frame in which you plan to use your money.  Although diversification may lower risk in an attempt to create a more enojyable investment experience, it does not eliminate risk altogether.  Your asset allocation plan must reflect your personal preferences while it honors your beliefs, past experiences, and risk tolerance. Your "time horizon" is established when you:


  • Review your financial goals as defined in your financial plan

  • Assign a time frame to each of these goals and identify them as short-term, intermediate or long-term

  • Tailor your investments accordingly; the shorter the term, the lower the risk  your investment should be

  • Integrate your investment strategy with your cash flow needs

  • Diversify!! Let your personal time horizon guide your allocations in stocks, bonds, cash and real estate.







Disclosure: Asset Allocation and Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.  The information contained is for general use and it is not intended to cover all aspects of a particular matter. Neither the information presented nor any opinion expressed constitutes a representation by us or a solicitation of the purchase or sale of any securities. The opinions stated are that of the author and not that of The Investment Center, Inc.